The 10 day detox got me back to my dietary program that I was put on back in 2007. The 18 sets of tender pressure points pain and the muscle pain are at a big fat zero! It is the first time in months I can actually say I am pain free! My husband has noticed a difference; a good difference. I am really glad I called the Wellness 1st Clinic. My old Chiropractor was good, but did nothing for the fibromyalgia. Thank you so much Dr. Nesvold and the crew of Wellness 1st, I will be telling others about the clinic!

K.S. – Austin, MN


Three years after being involved in a bicycle accident, in which my neck had suffered a great deal of damage, I started suffering from migraine headaches that were progressively getting worse. Over the past year, there was hardly a day without a migraine. My quality of life was greatly impaired by the constant pain and normal daily functioning had become a chore. I had explored relief through traditional medicine and had seen several doctors looking for some help. I had been using the typical medication taken at the onset of migraine symptoms and was even taking strong preventive drugs that caused crazy side-effects but provided only minimal relief. I had attempted to modify my diet, closely monitored my sleep and exercise patterns looking for anything that my trigger the headaches but found nothing that helped. I decided to talk to Dr. Nesvold to gain his insight into chiropractic approaches in the treatment of headaches. He provided me with a thorough evaluation and an individualized plan of care to meet my needs. A few weeks after consistent treatment, I was amazed by the decrease in the number of headaches I was having. Now I am virtually pain-free and only suffer from the rare headache. I am also saving hundreds of dollars each month by not using all the expensive medications. I have my life back! I would highly recommend Dr. Nesvold to anyone as an option to explore when looking for pain relief!

A.A. – Senior Advocate


I was experiencing hip pain that was keeping me awake at night.  After a couple cortisone shots and some physical therapy, I decided to give the Wellness 1st Clinic a try.  I have been a client now for quite sometime and I am very satisfied and would highly recommend them.  They offer a great variety of treatment options and nutrition counseling.  The staff is friendly and outgoing, the facility is warm and inviting, and Dr. Nesvold is the best.  He truly cares about his patients and wants to alleviate their pain.  Dr. Nesvold takes the time to listen to you and then makes recommendations, but lets you decide what you want to do.  Since I have been going to the clinic I have been having regular chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and for my birthday my husband treated me to a hot stone massage.  The massages alone are worth a visit.  Many of my friends and family are now clients at the clinic also.  I am feeling much better and when I do have pain Dr. Nesvold listens to me and helps me decide what I need to do.  I love the Wellness 1st Clinic

J.B. – Teacher, Austin, MN


 I have been a patient at Wellness 1st with Dr. Nesvold for a bout two years.  The adjustments that he has done for me on my back and neck have been excellent!  The acupuncture treatments have also been very beneficial.  I do a lot of bending where I work which makes for a very sore back.  Dr. Nesvold always puts my back and neck in place so I can keep on going.   It has been an asset to have an excellent massage therapist at Wellness 1st.  You walk out relaxed, refreshed, and feeling great!  To help keep everything in alignment and have a good nights rest, they offer pillows.  The one that my husband and I like is the Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow.  We put about four quarts of water in ours.  I had been looking for “just the right” pillow for years.  My husband had headaches and snored a lot until I got the Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow.  It is absolutely awesome!  I highly recommend Wellness 1st for back and neck problems, arm or leg aches, hot flashes, or anything that causes one discomfort or stress.  Dr. Nesvold is very understanding of your discomfort or pain and is able to give relief.  I highly recommend Dr. Nesvold and the Wellness 1st team who are understanding and very professional!!

N.B. – Laboratory Technologist, Austin, MN


 I was using Nutritionsupplements and trying to find what would work for me and Dr. Nesvold provided the opportunity to get my blood drawn to find out what supplements and how much of each I should take and he monitors my progress.  I purchase them between the 1st and 7th of the month from him at a 20% discount.  My energy level and stamina increased on the supplements.  Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and have been seeing a chiropractor ever since as I do not want to have hip and knee surgery.  I also do muscle strengthening and cardio at Curves 3 times a week thanks to a chiropractor who recommended Curves to me.  I ride bike in the summer too.  I also have the massages at Wellness 1st Chiropractic.  They help detoxify and make me relaxed.  All the staff is friendly and helpful.  Thanks Wellness 1st for the great care!

C.C. Business Owner, Austin, MN


 I was introduced to the Wellness 1st Chiropractic clinic over a year ago.  For a long time my back was painful and gave me a lot of problems and I convinced myself that I just had to live that way.  A friend encouraged me to go see Dr. Nesvold and one day I decided to at least try to get some help.  After an examination and a series of treatments my back was 100% better.  Now I go once a month to keep things in line.  Dr. Nesvold understands the body and how it functions.  He is very comfortable to be with and dedicated to helping people, which he does.  He has certainly helped me.  His office staff is well trained, pleasant, and helpful.

F.E. Retired, Austin, MN


 I will start with me.  I’ve had off and on problems wince I was injured on the job in 1994.  I’ve seen chiropractors that would not mess with my herniated or bulging disc and I’ve been to chiropractors that I’ve felt worse after going or even wondered if they would ever stop me come, honestly, wondered if they were having me come just to get my money.  We moved to Austin almost three years ago.  I meet Dr. Nesvold and the Wellness 1st team at the fair the summer we moved here.  I started with them shortly after.  I never had any doubts.  He will be honest with me, if he can’t do something or shouldn’t he directs me in the path I should go.  He had to do just that not long ago.  My other testimony is my three precious boys 11, 71/2, 6, when I would have my appointment my boys usually go with me to the office.  It came up about bed wetting and the chiropractic can help.  By this time I was so desperate because I tried (I thought) everything possible, I felt so hopeless.  My boys started coming on a regular basis.  First my oldest because his bed wetting started when he became potty trained and it was every morning stripping the beds and washing laundry.  He also had bowl trouble and personally I think that’s helped too!!  When my other two boys started (wetting the bed) they were right behind their brother for their adjustment.  Today, I forgot that it’s been a month since their bed sheets have been washed, it feels so good not to have that burden.  As any mother knows we have got more things to do than wash urinated bedding every day!!  Dr. Nesvold I hope you retire here because I do not want you to go anywhere else.  You’re the 1st place my family goes to stay well.  Girls at the desk and in the office keep up the good work with being friendly and making us feel welcomed.  You’re the first taste of what wellness 1st Chiropractic is all about.  You have a great team Dr. Nesvold!!  I could tell you a lot more of what Wellness 1st Chiropractic has done for me but go see for yourself!!  If you have kids he is great with them, he is awesome with mine.  God Bless!

M.J. Teachers Aide, Austin, MN


 The Wellness 1st Chiropractic center is an experience you deserve to give yourself!  Beginning with your initial call to schedule your first appointment, you will be impressed by the friendly professional staff.  Dr. Nesvold will get to know you and what your expectations are by listening to your comments and feelings.  With this information, Dr. Nesvold will evaluate your individual situation.  He will then develop a program of treatment that will benefit your condition.  Dr. Nesvold is a genuinely honest, competent, and caring professional with extensive training and knowledge that will give you a sense of security which helps you in the overall treatment process.  During treatment, Dr. Nesvold and his staff will be happy to address any questions, concerns, and suggestions you may have.   I, personally, came to Dr. Nesvold on the recommendation of a concerned friend.  I trusted her judgment, and have never doubted she was completely correct!  I met with Dr. Nesvold and he went through my medical records and examined me.  He discovered then that I am a double lung transplant recipient.  Dr. Nesvold dealt with my special issues with the utmost skill level and brought me much relief and overall improvement in my feeling of wellbeing.  We had a great deal of “work” to do as due to medications I developed compression fractures in my back, needless to say, this caused me an extreme level of discomfort that high powered narcotics were not offering much relief.  Dr. Nesvold was there again!  He gently guided me through a course of treatments that gave me an amazing amount of relief from pain.  Upon visits to Mayo Clinic my doctors were excited, but curious as to what had led to this vast improvement in my level of discomfort.  I explained that, I felt that, it was Dr. Nesvold’s dedication, attention to detail, and high level of professionalism that brought me the relief that I so desperately wanted.  I will always remember the benefits and relief that I received because of Dr. Nesvold and his staff!  You owe it to yourself to call for an appointment and explore the options and solutions Dr. Nesvold and his staff can offer you!

E.P. Austin, MN


 I have been visiting the Wellness 1st Chiropractic office for nearly a year now.  I have a complex medical condition and syndrome including a severe case of Fibromyalgia and its related symptoms of chronic muscle, tendon, and ligament pain throughout my body – head to toe.  I also have degenerative osteoarthritis in my neck and lower back as was determined by x-ray at Wellness 1st Chiropractic.  All of this is combined with a constant struggle dealing with chronic fatigue as well.  Over a period of about 7 years, the many doctors and specialists that I have seen, are telling me there are no cures for this widespread pain and that I have to live with it every day the rest of my life.  It is like having the aches, pains, and fatigue of a bad flu forever.  Dr. Nesvold and his staff at Wellness 1st Chiropractic have improved my life as I deal with this chronic pain.  The regular neck and spine alignments and adjustments have lessened the stiffness and soreness, especially in my shoulders and neck.  Also the clinic has done comprehensive blood and urine testing fro nutritional deficiencies and possible environmental toxicity from chemicals and heavy metals.  The clinics work with iodine deficiency has really impressed me.  I am now on several nutritional supplements including Iodoral.  I have also went through a detoxifying process through the clinic.  As a result, I am feeling less pain and fatigue from a year ago.  I have went from taking four prescription pain pill and muscle relaxants to just one.  I still have pain and fatigue but it is more tolerable from a year ago. 

J.M. Retired, Austin, MN