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It appears I am officially becoming a blogger!  So over the coming months I will be writing several health related posts.  I would love to get feedback letting me know how the articles are received.  I would like to know if the information is useful, if the articles read well, and if they are entertaining.

So for starters………………..

a condition that is quite common but few people know how to deal with is TMJ syndrome/disorder.  That is a fancy name for your jaw or temporomandibular joint not working right. 

Symptoms include:

Jaw pain

Jaw popping

Sudden shifting of jaw with opening of mouth

Difficulty chewing


Neck and shoulder pains


TMJ disorder (TMJ Syndrome) is a blanket term for acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (which is what connects your mandible to your skull). The most common causes range from bruxism (teeth grinding), trauma, excessive nail biting, degenerative joint diseases and many more. Essentially, TMJ disorder is quite common. And the picture below illustrates it well:

TMJ Pain cycle

The great news is that chiropractic care can be quite helpful in treating TMJ Disorder!  We figure out the areas of muscle spasm and joint fixation and do gently pressure and mobilization to correct them.  No vigorous manipulation of the jaw is needed.      

Here is what one of our patients had to say:

“I went in to Alisha to have my jaw massaged. After talking with Lisa, she mentioned Dr. Nesvold could also help make it better. I haven’t been able to eat normal food for 2 1/2 months. After 3 visits with Dr. Nesvold I can eat again. After a couple more visits I should be back to normal. Thank you Alisha and Dr. Nesvold for all you do and for helping me to be able to eat again. Soup was getting old.”

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Dr. Kelly Nesvold

Author: Kelly Nesvold